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Denis teaches marketing writing for non-writers. He co-founded P5 Group in 1998.

Where Content Marketing Works for B2B Customer Retention Little-known ideas to justify and fine-tune content marketing to existing customers

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Marketing plays an important role in customer retention – creating loyal, repeat customers, the best kind for almost any business. Sales and marketing have done the hard work of winning the customer. Now, if we do a good job of retaining that customer we can […]

New Report Reveals How to Write Webinar Headlines that Pull Registrations Super-efficient writing tricks to get the job done

Webinars can generate leads and drive customers through the pipeline – only if your audience clicks through and registers. Here are 5 hot tips for writing webinar headlines that get clicked.

Book: Eats, Shoots and Leaves You’ll laugh every time you type a semicolon (and you’ll use it correctly)

advice for nonwriters

Lynne Truss turns punctuation into entertainment. She delivers grammar rules wrapped in fun examples and witty commentary.

Do business readers love click-bait blog headlines? The answer isn’t the least bit shocking Two tips for writing headlines that build a positive brand image

Business readers are smart, they’re onto the click bait thing. They’re not browsing to fill their idle time, they’re looking for value. Your blog headline should deliver it.

On Writing Well Reading William Zinsser will make you a more efficient self-editor

One of my favorite copywriting instructors turned me on to this book in 2001. I enjoyed reading it even more the third time, for reasons I will explain.

Resource: The Grammarist Good all-around reference (or is it all-round?)

If you Google a language question like “all-round or all-around” you’ll find The Grammarist near the top of your search results.

Writing When You’re Busy How to find time to write great marketing content and still do the rest of your job

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Today will be busy. So will tomorrow and every day. Writing is hard enough without continually explaining to coworkers that you have to push back the deadline again.

Tell Stories that Transform Audiences Does your content tell, sell, or resonate with your audience?

Review Resonate

Marketing content and sales tools are about motivating audiences to change. As a writer you affect big changes like making buying decisions, and small changes like setting aside objections. Here’s a book recommendation to help you move your prospects closer to becoming your customers.

One Ounce of Cliché Prevention Worth a Pound of Cure Note to self: Replace worn-out phrases

Elephant in the Room Metaphor photo at P5 Group

It’s been on my radar to cut clichés from my lingo. So here goes nothing.