New Report Reveals How to Write Webinar Headlines that Pull Registrations

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Webinars can generate leads and drive customers through the pipeline – only if your audience clicks through and registers. Here are 5 hot tips for writing webinar headlines that get clicked.

B2B marketers are using webinars more than ever to solve problems in the sales cycle. People like you and me attend our share of them but marketing topics are a small slice of the webinar pie. Software companies use them for demand gen. Financial services firms are using them for customer onboarding. Manufacturers use them post-sale.

So you’ve been asked to come up with a title for a webinar and write an e-mail blast. You don’t have all day to brainstorm and contemplate it, but neither do you want it to veer off message or fail altogether.

You need a great title. Your landing page title makes a big difference in registrations. So does the subject line of your e-mail campaign to drive traffic to that landing page.

Let’s talk about writing those titles that are so essential to e-mail open rates and click-through rates.

Email is popular for webinar promotion says GoToWebinarBut what about social media? E-mail is the most popular outbound channel for promoting webinars, says a new research report from GoToWebinar. “The Big Book of Webinar Stats” says 45% of marketers use email for webinar promotion, more than any social platform including blogs. Chances are, most of your registrations will be attributable to that last Tuesday morning e-mail promoting your Thursday morning webinar. I love the plain metrics of e-mail and I encourage you to experiment with it to find what works with your target audience.

Certain formulas work best in webinar titles, based on registration and attendance rates analyzed in the GoToWebinar research report. (Statistics for the report came from 350,890 webinars hosted by 16,000 customers over the past year.)

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Here are the most irresistible formulas, according to the GoToWebinar research, presented as example titles for a fictitious webinar topic:

“5 Proven Irresistible Formulas for Writing Webinar Titles”

Listicles are overused, let’s face it. But they still work. If you’re pressed for time or not getting consensus on a better idea, go with this. Just don’t rely on the list crutch every time.

“How to Write Webinar Titles that Get Clicks”

How-to titles are great for search. And it is clear what your webinar will deliver. If you promise to show how to do something, make sure you deliver that instruction, otherwise your engagement and satisfaction ratings will suffer.

“Webinar Titles 101: Learn How to Make Yours Irresistible”

101-style titles attract a specific kind of audience: people who are new to a subject. A 101 title promises to teach enough to get your audience from 0 to 102.

“Master Title Writing Workshop for Webinars”

If you go with classes, workshops or tutorials, that should mean you’ve looked at the webinar content and made sure training is 100% what the webinar leaders intend to provide. Avoid bait-and-switch.

“New Report Reveals How to Write Irresistible Webinar Titles”

That would be a good title for a webinar based on this blog post, wouldn’t it? It would be a short webinar, and that might be just what the audience would expect from this kind of title.

Want a quick-draw reference to these 5 ideas? Write this on a sticky note and post it above your desk:

How to

Or just memorize this phrase:

“How to List 101 New Workshops.”

There are way more than 101 ways to craft a webinar title that will pull the right responses from your target audience. These are just a few efficient writing tricks to get the job done so you can get on with your day. I use more in-depth principles of headline writing that I learned in marketing and journalism, which are in my writing workshop for marketers, but that would need a much longer blog post.

If your webinar is repurposed from a longer pillar piece of content, like a white paper or ebook, there are factors of synergy to take into consideration when naming the webinar.

And, as with any piece of content, the best time to come up with a title or headline is before you start writing.




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