One Ounce of Cliché Prevention Worth a Pound of Cure Note to self: Replace worn-out phrases

Elephant in the Room Metaphor photo at P5 Group

It’s been on my radar to cut clichés from my lingo. So here goes nothing.

Clichés are the elephant in the room. I know, right? It’s a win-win-win to get rid of them.

ICYMI, I mentor writers on how to win hearts and minds by thinking outside the box, so for me hitting reset should be a no brainer.

I’ve got a lot on my plate but this is mission critical. I made the call to start with the low hanging fruit – go for the biggest bang for the buck – and drill down from there.

Did I miss one? Ping me, reach out when you have the bandwidth, let’s touch base and take it offline.



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Denis teaches marketing writing for non-writers. He co-founded P5 Group in 1998.
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