Flashes of Insight for In-house Marketing Writers

You have a marketing job to do, and writing is only a part of it. But it’s an important part. This blog is here to help.

When writing tasks slide to the bottom of the list, the ripple effect postpones sales and revenues. Getting writing done effectively is a profit accelerator. Getting writing done late at night on deadline (or not at all) is a stress generator.

I know. I write. I also teach writing process. My corporate clients are marketing people like you, in-house marketers trying to get writing done without giving up their precious family time to do it.

Writing should be satisfying, rewarding, maybe even something you look forward to. Ideas coming to you from all directions, words pouring onto the screen like melted butter, deadlines beat every time.

You landed here looking for that. I’m going to deliver it for you in this blog. I’ll blog about the things I teach writers: how to organize, draft, edit, and finish effective writing projects on time, painlessly. That includes writing and blogging shortcuts, plus tips for interviewing, originality, creativity, inspiration and ethics.

How will you remember to come back here every two weeks and read the newest blog post for in-house marketing writers?

That’s as easy as this: Here on this page is a little box just big enough for your e-mail address. Luckily, that’s all you have to put in there. Try it.

Read regularly and you’ll be the one person on your team who hits Send on your final drafts the morning before the deadlines, while everyone else spends their nights and weekends wringing tired words from their frustrated brains to finish marketing content that was due last week.

See what I did in the opening of this post? That’s OK, you weren’t supposed to. The first paragraphs follow a structure I teach. Frameworks make it easier to start writing good marketing copy. You fill in the blanks (I actually give templates to my workshop participants) and out comes your opening passage!

My workshops for non-writers don’t spend much time on comma placement or “they’re” vs. “there,” because I assume participants know English. But on this blog I’ll mix in a few writing resources to save you a trip to the digital dictionary.

I’ll also recommend other resources for marketing writers, as well as industry-specific ideas, tips about market positioning, when to use humor, and of course some of my trademark dry sarcasm. (Get it? No? What’d I tell you. Dry.)

Marketing departments are crazy places. I should know — I worked in them and managed them for 16 years in everything from tech startups to the Fortune 500 — plus a couple of marketing agencies, talk about insanity! — before I founded P5 Group.

Writing is hard in a busy workplace, not to mention with an overflowing list of deadlines. It can be done.

See you again soon.

P.S. I’m not calling you a procrastinator or anything, but is that little box still empty?


About the Author:
Denis teaches marketing writing for non-writers. He co-founded P5 Group in 1998.
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