Business Blog Planning & Editing Program

Invest in your blog as a marketing tool. Contact P5 Group.
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Take the headache out of B2B blogging with the blog planning and editing program from P5 Group, Inc.

What do you want to accomplish with your business blog? You might want to attract sales prospects or establish yourself as an industry thought leader by blogging. Perhaps you want to reposition your competitors, influence public policy, or even write a business e-book.

The “sticking points” of writing are a source of stress for business bloggers. Bottlenecks in writing shouldn’t lead to “blog fading” and frustration. Your business blog is an investment and it needs to achieve results.

George Brontén, Founder and CEO of Membrain, says:

“Our blog is important in establishing Membrain as a thought leader in sales improvement software. The blog coaching program made it easy to plan and produce well written weekly content. Denis tailored the program to meet our evolving needs. He’s an excellent editor and a wonderful resource for busy B2B bloggers.”  (George went on to win a Best Sales Blogger Award!)

P5 Group’s blog planning and editing program could be right for you. Here’s how it works:

  • Editorial plan. Your blogging coach will collaborate with you and your team to create a 3-month editorial plan for your blog. The plan is focused on strategy and content creation. Then we will work on each piece together…
  • Coaching sessions. You and the other bloggers on your team each will get personal coaching on topic ideas every 2-4 weeks, depending on how frequently you blog.
  • Editing. After you draft each blog post, your coach will edit it. Even the greatest writers use editors.
  • Advice on demand. We advise you along the way. Ask anything that will help you keep blogging effectively: story structures, research tips, getting exposure, you name it.
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“Where do I get ideas to blog about? How do I keep my blog posts on schedule? How can I make my blog posts shorter and more impactful? How can we coordinate the work of multiple company bloggers?”

The blog planning and editing program is offered on a quarterly basis and you can start any time. We can provide this program for one blogger who blogs monthly, a team of bloggers who blog daily, or anything between.

This is a program for B2B bloggers and is especially great for bloggers in technology companies.

What this program is not for: Consumer product blogs, personal or casual blogs, or bloggers who want to get rich by blogging.

Pricing depends on your number of bloggers, and your blogging frequency. Get in touch for more details about the program.

(We also provide blog writing and premium content creation, as well as writing workshops and other services, for B2B companies in the ICT and energy industries.)