Content Marketing Interactive Training

Is your in-house B2B content marketing program underperforming? Download the syllabus for “High Performance Content Marketing Interactive,” a coached online course that teaches you to create a program in-house with engaging content and measurable goals.

Coaching turns online courses into powerful interactive training-on-demand. Your coach will work one-on-one with you on assignments that are relevant to your content marketing program, so you can deliver high-performance B2B content marketing with provable positive ROI. You can start seeing the results in about six weeks.

Now imagine gaining the skills to do it,
through training and coaching that are
more effective than sitting in a classroom,
plus it’s provided on your schedule, at your pace,
at a lower cost.

Learn at Your Pace

This 6-week (or shorter!) training teaches you how to create a content marketing program with engaging content that generates low-cost leads and conversions. It teaches a process that produces content consistently without hiring an agency to do it. And it’s not just an online course.

The course includes individual coaching with an experienced B2B marketing manager. Your coach will guide you through developing a program that fits your budget, a strategy and calendar for steady content output, ideas for content types and topics, and more.


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Introductory pricing is available, details in the syllabus PDF. Why outsource to a content marketing firm when you can invest in your in-house team’s skills. Generate more leads, increase per-sale revenue, decrease the cost of customer acquisition, drive down the cost per lead, or retain customers longer, with High Performance Content Marketing Interactive.


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