Create Effective B2B Sales Tools & Technology Content Marketing Communicate value at every step of the customer journey

It’s not enough for digital campaigns to carry your brand across the globe. It all comes down to whether you get your message across to business decision makers at the right times. That’s why technology content marketing is so vital to revenue for b-to-b companies.

Clearly communicate the value of your innovation.

We’ve traveled with sales reps and interviewed customers to discover what makes customer journeys go smoothly. Your compelling story must express the business value of your technology product or service to your audience — from awareness to consideration to contract to retention.

Enterprise sales enablement tools.

Your IT and line-of-business buyers need to trust you before you get the deal. They rely on evidence like web pages, brochures, case studies and white papers to develop that trust. We’ve been creating effective sales tools aligned with the buying process for 30 years. Let us bring yours up to speed.

B2B technology content marketing.

We specialize in content that moves B2B prospects through the technology buying process. Need to get blog posts out of the heads of your technologists, or success stories from your best customers? We use our journalistic interviewing skills to capture and convey those ideas to generate leads and consideration. Want to develop a cadence of LinkedIn writing, podcasts or animated videos? Apply our experience at any stage, from strategy and planning to execution and analytics.

Get control of the unseen cost of outsourcing.

A large uncontrolled cost of outsourcing is your time spent with inexperienced agencies from outside the tech industry. The cost is hidden in long backgrounding meetings, extra review passes, and rewrites. Essential content can be perpetually postponed when your staff doesn’t have bandwidth to babysit generic firms. The ripple effect postpones sales and revenues. Now you can change that.

The people at P5 Group are refreshingly different.

Through our careers in high tech, we’ve learned how to discover and communicate the value of innovation. Your technology is complex, and we get it. Your audience is unique, and we know them. Your subject matter experts have the knowledge depth, and we collaborate with you. The result is content that hits the mark with precision — content that helps you succeed.

P5 Group is a collaborative partner that will help you…

  • Fine-tune marketing messages that resonate with current buying motives.
  • Create essential sales and marketing content to move prospects through the buying process.
  • Edit existing marketing content for consistent positioning, voice and value proposition.

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