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Uncommon solutions to common marketing problems

What’s crashing your marketing program, and how will you fix it?

That’s the subject of the Debug Marketing podcast. In each show, host Denis DuBois takes on one common barrier and suggests uncommon ways to overcome it.

B2B technology companies want to increase revenue through better marketing. Debug Marketing reveals straightforward solutions to specific problems in marketing. Our marketing podcasts deliver management concepts to your ears while you commute, work out, or otherwise go about your busy day.

Season 1

Season 1 is about content marketing. Content marketing is a strategy that can be very cost effective for B2B technology companies, but sometimes things go wrong.

If the strategy is always shifting, output is erratic, content is shallow, or results are inconsistent, then you’re up against common barriers to content marketing success. There are ways to overcome those barriers.

When the dates on the content calendar become meaningless because contributors are procrastinating and the team is arguing about what to do next, show 1.1 reveals a set of techniques for building consensus around the right objectives and getting unstuck. When the idea well runs dry, show 1.2 is about how to stop producing stale copycat content and start producing pieces that get traction.

These and other insights await you in season 1 of Debug Marketing. Listen to the season trailer. Tune in or subscribe to the free podcast.

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Can I be a guest on a podcast show? The current season hasn’t ruled out doing one or two special podcast episodes in an interview format. Contact us with your idea for a topic and guest.

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Ce podcast est-il disponible en français? Désolé, il est disponible uniquement en anglais et je n’envisage pas de le publier dans d’autres langues.