Marketing for Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Technologies


Energy Focus

Energy is among the top issues for businesses, investors, and policymakers. Are you capturing all of your sales potential? We offer assistance with every phase of marketing, from product strategy to sales launch to revenue growth. We want to help you secure your leadership position.

Why P5 Group?

Because we know your industry like no newcomer could. P5’s Denis Du Bois knows efficiency and renewables. He has spoken at numerous energy events and conferences, and published hundreds of cleantech articles for a wide variety of national media outlets. And he’s a residential solar user.

Since 2000…

…P5 Group has served many energy industry clients, both large and small, nationwide. Here are some sample P5 Group marketing projects:

  • Served as interim VP of Marketing for Optimum Energy, an HVAC efficiency solution provider. P5 created a marketing plan and collateral plan, directed a branding shift, managed lead-nurturing, and guided PR agency selection, all in six months. 2007
  • Crafted compelling customer stories for building AI vendor SHIFT Energy. 2015
  • Created branding, including logo and sales materials, for McKinstry‘s launch of its Essention facility management offering. 2001
  • Authored premium content (white papers and case studies) for clients including Johnson Controls (building efficiency), Powerit Solutions (demand response), Gridlogix (building automation), and EnerPath (utility efficiency programs). 2006-2009
  • Crafted marketing messages and a national communications plan for the National Energy Technology Laboratory’s launch of its smart grid initiative. 2006
  • Authored an Accenture white paper and a sales presentation for AT&T’s wireless data networking launch to utilities. 2004
  • Consulted on the DistribuTech launch for a large corporation’s entry into the energy sector. 2008
  • Consulted on web strategy for a large utility, and another utility’s spin-off software company, both in 2000.

How Can We Help You Succeed?

Wit P5 you’ll clearly communicate the value of your innovations with crisp messaging, unique positioning, attention-getting content and our many other services.

Whether you use P5 on a project basis, or in interim management roles, you can leverage the height of our enthusiasm for cleantech and our depth of experience in marketing to help you achieve your goals.