Everyone’s Writing Workshops 2015


Stop letting writing interrupt your work. Start making writing work for you, with a custom tailored marketing writing workshop.

You have a marketing job to do, and writing is only a part of it. When writing tasks slide to the bottom of the list, the ripple effect postpones sales and revenues. Getting writing done effectively is a profit accelerator. Getting writing done late at night on deadline (or not at all) is a stress generator.

Non-writer’s courses for marketing people in technology companies.

The topics, examples and exercises are tailored to what you need to write. Everything’s relevant, everything’s valuable. Writers receive scheduled coaching sessions with the instructor after the workshop.


Move your writing tasks from “dread” to “done” with an in-house Everyone’s Writing Workshop

Who should attend

  • Non-writers who are tasked with creating marketing content and wish they enjoyed doing it.
  • Busy managers who have blogs but no time to write, or not enough good ideas to write about.
  • PR departments who now do their own writing, interviewing and publishing by-lined articles.
  • Subject matter experts who have been “volun-told” to write customer-facing content.
  • Communicators who want their writing to be good and on time without paying a pro.

Benefits of Everyone’s Writing workshops

  • Finish writing projects on time without giving up your weekends to do it.
  • Put practical advice to work right away and see your writing improve.
  • Start enjoying the experience of writing without stress.
  • Make your marketing content effective and consistent.

Get started today

When you contact us, we’ll listen to your needs and begin the process of tailoring the workshop to produce the maximum benefit for your team. Once we understand your goals and your team size, we’re happy to provide a price.

Why this writing workshop is different

  • It’s for non-writers in technology companies. We’ll address the specific writing challenges you face in your tech marketing
  • It’s in-house. You choose which modules will meet the needs of your team. No time is wasted on irrelevant canned content like public workshops.
  • It’s ongoing. Attendees receive one-on-one coaching in the months after the workshop. You won’t find that in books or recorded webinar courses!

Each workshop customized

  • Your company’s private workshop will be tailored to suit you. We’ll use your writing projects in our exercises.
  • You choose which modules you want – and if you don’t see it, we can create custom modules for you.
  • Follow-up coaching is scheduled and structured according to what will help you the most.

What’s included in your workshop

  • Live training at your facility or online.
  • Workshops include relevant exercises, handy templates and essential best practices.
  • Slides are yours to keep for reference.

Modules to choose from

  • Blogging – keeping up the pace, generating ideas
  • Web copywriting
  • Brochures
  • Case studies
  • E-mail blasts
  • White papers
  • Custom module – what do you want to learn?

Topics available

  • Storytelling frameworks
  • Coming up with ideas
  • Writer’s block
  • Writing when you’re busy
  • And more – it’s your writing class!

Your instructor and coach

  • Experienced – 30 years of writing every kind of content, from social media to journalism to marketing ebooks.
  • Understanding – Worked in large and small companies, and as a freelance writer.
  • Current – Writes successful niche blogs and marketing content for clients now.

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