Podcast Planning and Production

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Get started or get better with guidance from an experienced brand podcaster

Your voice can access customers’ brains in personal ways that aren’t possible with other media. You’re here on this page to get that direct access without wasting budget or crawling up a steep learning curve.

P5 Group will help you determine the strategic purpose of your business podcast. Then tap our production experience to make an engaging, high-quality show that listeners want and come back for.

Why produce a brand podcast?

People love stories and form loyal relationships with storytellers through podcasts. That’s why technology brands are podcasting, including your competitors.

Before you grab a mic and hit record, consider how audio fits into your brand and B2B marketing communications strategies. We help you answer why and then how-to.

Enter the age of the owned broadcast

Podcasting is moving out of the Trough of Disillusionment (a stage in the Gartner hype cycle just before a new technology delivers on its promises). There are over 500,000 active shows, according to Apple in 2018.

Business podcasts are the ultimate native ads that people subscribe to because they want to keep hearing from you. A compelling story can take many forms, for example an expert interview, trend, case study, or company news. Podcasts build credibility, demonstrate innovation, attract prospects, nurture leads, and much more.

You can launch a podcast that fills a strategic purpose and reflects professionally on your brand.

But it’s too easy to fall short of expectations and even tarnish your reputation. Examples abound of corporate podcasts with stilted banter, rambling interviews and tinny phone audio. Podcasting has entered an era of maturity where amateurism is unacceptable.

Get an experienced producer’s help with your podcast

P5 Group co-founder Denis Du Bois started podcasting in 2005. He’s here to help you start your podcast, get more strategic, or upgrade your quality to today’s high standards of content, creativity and audio.

Denis produced business features for 10 years that have been distributed by NPR and aired by public radio stations across the country. Here’s an example podcast and radio story.

Learn from his experience about strategy, creative formats, engaging topics, interviewing, editing and music rights. Get his advice on everything from podcast distribution platforms and budgets to recording equipment and searchability.

Whether you want to produce a monthly talk show about your technology sector, or host a weekly CxO podcast on high-level topics, or finally polish up a podcast you’ve already started, you’ll benefit from having P5 Group as your professional podcasting guide.

Next steps in your podcast journey

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Next step: Together we’ll find an arrangement that works for you to reach your podcasting goals within your budget and timeframe.

And soon: Your company will be “On Air” with a podcast you can be proud of. Sound good? Call us.