Positioning and Messaging bundled services for technology-centric companies

A sluggish or stop-and-go sales pipeline costs you money and time. Revenue is postponed while costs are not. Every slow quarter gives your competitors time to catch up and surpass you in the market.

There’s no time to keep claiming an impossible market position, or rely on messaging that isn’t meaningful enough to your audience.

Succeed in your target markets with strong positioning and benefit-driven Neuromessaging ready to deploy into sales tools, marketing campaigns and product branding. Our proven process will, in 5 steps, prepare you to clearly communicate the value of your innovations.

This process is conducted entirely by P5 Group founders, based on best practices and proprietary techniques developed through decades of B2B software marketing experience and the latest findings in behavioral psychology.

We offer fixed-rate packages to fit any marketing budget and deliver the results you need. Bundled services include in-depth workshops, research, customer interviews, foundation copy, presentations of findings and documentation of the rationale behind them.

Increase your profitability, competitive strength and company value.

Contact P5 Group (call or use the form on this page) to find out more about how the process would work for you.

Kurt Bauschardt/Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

5 Positioning Steps

  1. Articulate essential facts
  2. Navigate journey & trends
  3. Formulate your position & message
  4. Validate by market testing
  5. Relate via training and strategic writing

Positioning describes to your market why your offerings are the best choice for their business.