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P5 Group celebrates 17 years of helping great companies succeed. Thank you AT&T, Avaya, Johnson Controls, McKinstry, Microsoft, Powerit and our many other clients.

The people at P5 Group bring a real-world understanding of product management and technology marketing for companies with complex sales, long buying cycles, high prices or multiple decision makers.

Information Technology

Information Technology

Software, services, infrastructure …

Sustainable Energy

Sustainable Energy

Renewables, energy efficiency …



Unified communications, call center technologies …

Focused on Technology

Our services

Based on Experience

Sales Tools & Marketing Content

Brochures, lead-generating white papers, case studies, demos, web video, ebooks, thought leadership pieces and more.

Communications Strategy

We specialize in communications strategy and development for the complex B2B technology sale.

Product Management

Our Pivotal PM training will help you build the skills needed to be effective in product planning, pricing, channel strategies, launches — whatever you need, to deliver the right products at the right time.

Interim Management

Short-term executive or part-time manager roles. As much as you need, when you need it — for times of growth, consolidation or reorganization — or to keep your momentum during extended absences.

Who are we?

Our Consultants

Experienced Professionals

We bring a real-world understanding of product management and technology marketing.

Denis Du Bois

Co-Founder and President

Denis Du Bois

Linda Merrick

Co-Founder and CEO


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    Seattle, WA, USA

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