Podcast Planning and Production Get started or get better with guidance from an experienced podcaster

Americans love stories and form loyal relationships with storytellers through their podcasts. Voices reach customers in personal ways that aren’t possible with other media. You’re here on this page to find ways to get that access without suffering through the learning curve.

Experienced help with your podcast

P5 Group co-founder Denis Du Bois started podcasting in 2005. He’s here to help you start your podcast, or upgrade your quality to today’s high standards of content, creativity and audio.

Denis’s radio features about the sustainable energy business have been distributed by NPR and aired by public radio stations across the country. Here’s an example.

Learn from his experience about program topics, guest interviewing, narration, sound editing and free music. Get his advice on recording equipment, audio editing tools, storytelling resources and distribution platforms.

Whether you want to start a monthly talk show podcast about your industry, or host a weekly podcast like “Serial” about a larger story, you’ll benefit from having P5 Group as your podcasting guide.

Steps to starting your podcast

First step: Contact us now, using the form on this page.

Next step: Together we’ll find an arrangement that works for you to reach your podcasting goals within your budget and timeframe.

And soon: You’ll be “On Air” with a podcast you can be proud of.