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It’s not enough for digital marketing campaigns to rake in clicks. CTR doesn’t matter if it’s not helping YOY results. Success or failure comes down to whether you get your message across to business decision makers at the right times. That’s why on-target content is so vital to revenue for business-to-business technology companies.

Clearly communicate the value of your innovation.

We’ve traveled with enterprise software sales reps, met with business decision makers and interviewed behavioral psychologists to discover what makes customer journeys go smoothly. Your compelling stories will express the business value of your technology product or service to your audience.

Strategic writing sets your messaging standard

Your IT and LOB buyers need to trust you before you get the deal. To develop that trust they rely on cornerstone sales enablement tools like clear web pages, relevant case studies, informative video narration and salient ebooks. We coined the term strategic writing to describe the skill that drives home your core message in your most important content. Strategic writing sets the stage for all other marketing communications. We’ve been creating effective premium content aligned with the buying process for 30 years. Let’s take yours to the next level together.

B2B technology content marketing

We specialize in content that moves B2B prospects through the technology buying process. Do you need to get blog posts out of the heads of your technologists, or success stories from your best customers? We use journalistic interviewing skills to capture and convey those ideas. Want to develop a cadence of LinkedIn writing, podcasts or article placements? Apply our experience at any stage, from strategy to execution to analytics.

The marketing firm who knows your business

A large uncontrolled cost of marketing is your time spent with general-purpose agencies from outside the B2B tech industry. The cost is hidden in long backgrounding meetings, missed deadlines, and rewrites in your spare time. Your team doesn’t have bandwidth to babysit generic agencies. You don’t have time to manage temps. The ripple effect postpones sales and revenues.

Now you can change that.

Why P5 Group?

Through our careers in B2B technology, we’ve learned how to uncover and communicate the value of innovation. Your technology is complex, and we get it. Your vertical is unique, and we know them. Your team has some great ideas, and we collaborate with you. The result is content that hits the mark with precision — content that helps you succeed.

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